Teatreat Om

Saturday, February 02, 2013
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Lone Mountain Main 148 - Studio Theatre
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Gutierrez Varea, Roberto G
Performing Arts

Performing Arts Forum Series Presents
Teatret OM

"I Maltagliati"
February 2,2013, 8:00pm, LM Studio Theater

This is a free performance.

An old woman is standing in her kitchen cooking a pasta dish, I Maltagliati, for a guest. During a morning she relives her life through songs.2028 The performance is built around a series of powerful, Italian folk songs and other songs that uniquely communicates ordinary human feelings, desires and dreams. The songs are regular people's voices and include all aspects of everyday life: work, love, struggle, birth and death.20282028The story takes place in two spaces: the physical space, the kitchen, where the woman makes pasta, only in the company of a radio, and a space of memories, where we see the woman's life in flashbacks, open to the viewer's own interpretation.20282028 I Maltagliati is performed in Danish and Italian, and is primarily sung. A strong performance about a woman's life created by Sandra Pasini, who is also on stage.

About Teatret OM
Founded in Rome in 1989 by Sandra Pasini and Antonella Diana, Teatret OM became an official Danish theatre company in 1996 and since 2006 it is a regional theatre supported by the state with its base in Ringkøbing, Denmark.

Their activities are directed to a broad audience: they produce performances for adults and children, street performances and installations. They are interested not only in performing in theatre buildings but also bringing theatre to places where theatre normally does not come: prisons, hospitals, orphan's homes, old people's homes and slum quarters.

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