NEH Chair Lecture: Latin American Philosophy

Tuesday, May 06, 2014
4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Lone Mountain Main 100 - Handlery Room
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Events and Lectures
Schaefer, Anne E
College of Arts and Sciences

NEH lecture by Manuel Vargas (2013-2014 NEH Chair)

Professor Vargas will present a public lecture about "Latin@ and Latin American Philosophy.”

Abstract: This talk is about what Latin@ and Latin American philosophy are, and what their relationship is to one another. Despite a roughly 500 year old history, Latin American philosophy is largely invisible in the U.S. academy. However, internal to the community of scholars who work on Latin American philosophy, there are a number of debates about how to understand what counts as Latin American philosophy. For example, there is disagreement about whether it properly refers to any philosophy produced by anyone from Latin America, or of Latin American descent, or whether it must be concerned with particular topics tied in some way to Latin America. More recently, those long-standing debates have been further complicated by the emergence of something that has been sometimes called "Latino@ philosophy." Philosophers working on Latino philosophy have often been informed by the larger Latin American philosophical tradition, but are usually centrally concerned with social and political issues in the specifically U.S. context. This talk proposes an account of both Latin@ and Latin American philosophy, and argues for why these subjects matter for philosophy and the academy more generally. 

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