What is Business Law: Perspectives from USF Law Professors and Students

Thursday, March 21, 2013
12:20 PM - 1:30 PM
Kendrick Hall 102 - Classroom
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Student Organization Event

Thinking of a career in business law? Come hear a comprehensive overview about the different types of business law practices, which courses to take and what they actually cover, and what it's like to practice in the many types of 'business law.

You are invited to join the Business Law Association as we present: What Is Business Law: Perspectives from USF Law Professors and Students. This panel will host USF Law  Professors Reza Dibadj, who teaches Administrative Law, Antitrust, Corporations, International Business Transactions, and Securities Regulation, and Professor Shalanda Baker, who teaches Corporations, International Development, and International Economic Law, and 3L Business Law Students Keenan McCullough, Evan LeBon, and Anthony Arger. 

 Lunch will be provided. 

Contact: karen.majovski@gmail.com 

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