Demonstration of Sword Arts

Thursday, April 04, 2013
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
McLaren Conference Center 252 - Venue
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Tanaka, Krislyn
Modern and Classical Languages

Naginata Sword Lecture and Demonstration
Sponsored by the USF Japan Club and the USF Japanese Studies Program
April 4 (Thursday), 5pm-6pm, McLaren 252

The naginata (薙刀) is one of Japanese traditional swords in the form of a pole weapon.  During the Edo Period (1603 -1868),  women of the samurai class were expected to be capable of defending their homes while their husbands were away at war. The naginata was considered one of the weapons most suitable for women, since it allows a woman to keep opponents at a distance, where any advantages in height, weight, and upper body strength would be lessened.

This event will provide the background and history of the naginata as well as the demonstration of the naginata art by Bruce Mitchell (holding the rank of yondan with 18 years' experience) and Chad Goerzen (holding the rank of sandan with 10 years' experience).  Welcome to the event!

For more information, please contact Jamie Yamashita (President of the USF Japan Club, or Professor Noriko Nagata (Director of the USF Japanese Studies Program,

Cosponsored by the USF Center for the Pacific Rim. 

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