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Wednesday, May 08, 2013
6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Harney Science Center 235 - Computer Science Lab Classroom
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Special Lecture Series in CS
Report by Select USF students on their Masters Projects

ScruffyPost: Collaborative movie editing made easy

ScruffyPost is a project management web application that allows filmmakers and movie editors to collaborate on the process of producing films. Kanen Flowers, a professional movie editor, started the project because he found that there was a lack of quality tools for managing the movie editing process. ScruffyPost allows filmmakers to upload videos via the website, so they can then be streamed in the browser. Filmmakers and post-production reviewers can interactively watch the movies and write feedback notes at specific time markers, so that filmmakers can then improve their films and upload updated versions accordingly. The website provides an intuitive and organized way for teams to work together to create high quality films.

Bernhard Schelling is a graduate student in Web Science at USF. He received his first master’s degree in International Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business and has spent more than ten years working in software development. David Ferreras is a Multimedia Engineer from Barcelona who is graduating with a Master of Science in Web Science. He has worked on web and mobile development for the last four years.

Ben Kaplan is currently getting a Master’s in Computer Science. His main focuses are web and mobile app development. The majority of his weekdays are spent programming, and he likes to spend his winter weekends snowboarding in Lake Tahoe.

It takes a few lines of code... to catch a child predator

The Internet Crimes Against Children task force (ICAC) works with Federal, State and local law enforcement agencies to investigate child predators, including those who collect and redistribute contraband media that sexually exploits children . The majority of this contraband distribution is done over peer-to-peer (P2P) networks. As part of their Masters/Seniors project, USF graduate and undergraduate students have developed a custom client for ICAC to collect evidence on distributors of child pornography via P2P networks.

Bios: Kristin Henry Before studying as a Graduate student in Computer Science at USF, Kristin Henry consulted in web development, specializing in Science and Data visualizations. She also founded a non-profit dedicated to science literacy, and is an active generative artist.

Steely Morneau Steely is an undergraduate Computer Science major, minoring in Mathematics. Next year, she begins her Masters in Web Science, here at USF. She currently works as an intern for Wello, where she is able to pursue her interests in both backend and frontend web development.

Ganbileg Bor Ganbileg, who received his B.S. in Computer Science from USF, will be graduating this spring with his M.S. in Web Science. With two summer internship experiences and the knowledge gained from his extensive hands-on coursework, he is well prepared and confident to graduate and to enter the world of tech outside USF's doorstep.

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