Idle No More Workshop

Tuesday, October 01, 2013
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
University Center 504 - Conference Room
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Litman, Marissa A

Idle No More

The Idle No More grassroots revolution catalyzed people across the globe within weeks! This Indigenous lead movement initiated by women, asserts Indigenous sovereignty and calls for the protection of land and water. INM builds more allies daily as people come to consciousness about the impacts of colonialism on sexuality, gender, race, ability, and how these are interconnected to the ongoing exploitation of humans, other species, and our environment. This session will discuss the genesis of the movement and the continuing impacts of colonialism. The time is now for change, hope and love.

Sheelah McLean, PhD candidate in integrated antiracist anticolonial education at the University of Saskatchewan. As one of the four founders of the Idle No More Movement, she recently received the Carole Geller Human Rights Award.

Erica Lee, is a political studies and philosophy undergraduate student at the University of Saskatchewan. She spoke at the first “Idle No More” teach-in, held at Station 20 West in Saskatoon and has been named an Iris Marion Young Diversity Scholar by the American Philosophical Association and the Association for Feminist Ethics and Social Theory.

Alex Wilson, Associate Professor of Education and Director of the Aboriginal Education Research Centre and at the University of Saskatchewan. As an INM organizer, Alex uses education and Cree philosophy to intervene in ongoing practices of colonialism, oppression, and the destruction of land and water.

In Conversation With Community Members:

Susana Cáceres works for El/La Para TransLatinas, a nonprofit in the Mission that provides resources and a safe space for transwomen. She volunteers for Mujer U’wa, a transnational solidary organization that collectively works with women of the U’wa tribe in Colombia. Susana is a queer embryonic immigrant (made in El Salvador and born in Los Angeles). She speaks her truth trough poetry and recently completed a short documentary honoring her grandparents.

Celia Herrera Rodríguez (Xicana/O’dami) is a two-spirit visual and performing Artist, and educator whose work reflects a full generation dialogue with Xicana/o, Indigenous Mexican and North American Native thought, spirituality, and politics. For more than a decade, Herrera has held an appointment as an adjunct professor in the Chicano Studies program at the University of California, Berkeley, and in the Diversity Studies program at California College for the Arts in Oakland/San Francisco.

Moderator, Sandra Alvarez currently teaches Latina/o Politics in the U.S. at USF. She recently earned her Phd in Politics with emphases in Latin American & Latina/o Studies and Feminist Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She co-founded and volunteers with Mujer U'wa, a transnational solidarity organization that works collectively with U'wa Indigenous women in Colombia and Latina and Indigenous women in the U.S.


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