Sexual Assault Awareness Month - Film Screening and Discussion: Flirting with Danger

Monday, April 15, 2013
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
McLaren Conference Center 251 - Venue
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Lee Tu, Dawn
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 Flirting with Danger: Power and Choice in Heterosexual Relationships

A Film Screening and Q&A with Dr. Lynn Phillips
A film screening and discussion, featuring Dr. Lynn Phillips (Department of Communication, U-Mass Amherst) around her film, Flirting with Danger: Power & Choice in Heterosexual RelationshipIn the film, Phillips explores the line between consent and coercion and the ways real girls and women navigate their heterosexual relationships and hookups. Featuring dramatizations of interviews that Phillips conducted with hundreds of young women, the film examines how the wider culture's frequently contradictory messages about pleasure, danger, agency, and victimization enter into women's most intimate relationships with men. The result is a refreshingly candid, and nuanced, look at how young women are forced to grapple with deeply ambivalent cultural attitudes about female sexuality. 
Co-sponsored by Gender and Sexualities Studies, Media Studies Department, President's Advisory Committee of the Status of Women, the Office of the Vice Provost of Student Life,  Philosophy Department, Performing Arts and Social Justice, The Gender and Sexuality Center, History Department, Sociology Department, Theology and Religious Studies, Communication Studies and Psychology Department.

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