Fall '13 Theater Auditions: Wild Boy

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Lone Mountain Main 148 - Studio Theatre
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Maloney, Ellen G
Performing Arts

Auditions for the Fall 2013 production of 

Wild Boy 

A play by Oliver Goldstick based on the book Not Even Wrong by Paul Collins, directed by Ken Sonkin

When: Monday & Tuesday, August 26 & 27. 7pm – 10pm. Callbacks on Wednesday, August 28. 7pm – 10pm.

Where: Studio Theater, LM
What: Reading scenes from the script. Monologues are optional.

Scripts available in the PA Office or by email.
How: By appointment. Sign up for audition time in the PA Office.

For more information, contact PASJ Program Assistant Ellen Maloney at: 415.422.5979 or egmaloney@usfca.edu

1st Rehearsal: Rehearsals:
Tech Rehearsals: Performs:

Tuesday, September 3rd
Tuesday - Friday, 7pm – 10:30pm. Saturday 12 – 5pm. October 13 & 14 (Fall Break)
2 Weekends: Friday, Saturday, October 18 & 19

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, October 25*, 26 & 27

(*Possible Student Matinee on Friday, October 25.)

When Paul and Jennifer Collins' son Morgan was two years old, he could read, spell, and perform multiplication tables in his head... but not answer to his own name. A casual conversation or any social interaction with Morgan is a complex cryptogram, one that must always be painstakingly decoded. He lives in a world of his own: an autistic world.

Based on the book Not Even Wrong, Oliver Goldstick has beautifully adapted Paul Collins’ story of his son's autism as a voyage into the realm of permanent outsiders who are often profoundly misunderstood. Wild Boy is a play that reaches from a lonely clearing in the forest of Hamelin, Germany into the London palace of King George I, to the modern-day lives of a family in Portland, Oregon. “Part memoir, part history, it traces the lives of suspected autistics both famous and obscure, including Peter the Wild Boy, a nearly mute feral child discovered in the Black Forest in 1725 who became a sensation at the court of George I.” Vanessa Bush, American Library Association.

Wild Boy is a haunting journey into the borderlands of neurology - a meditation on what is "normal,” and how human connection comes to us in strange and wondrous forms. 


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