Theatre Auditions: Slow Falling Bird

Monday, August 25, 2014
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Lone Mountain Main 148 - Studio Theatre
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Events and Lectures
Maloney Ruhe, Ellen G
Performing Arts

Set in an immigrant detention Center in the Australian desert, Slow Falling Bird travels between two young asylum seekers from Afghanistan, a pair of guards of ambiguous morality and a refugee whose ailing newbord's spirit haunts the play, refusing to be born into a desperate situation she sees below her.  Adding to the disorder is the agoraphobic wife of one of the guards who longs for a child, but fears her husband's tourch, and tow strange emissaries of another dimention who sometimes appear to be crows, and sometimes, two very odd truck drivers who know more than they reveal.  The stakes involve a bargain for the newborn's survival, stuck between the refugee andthe guard--a bargain that proves to be very expenscive for all involved.  Wrapped in a combination of hard-hitting social realism and very poetic surreality --with elements of tragedy, comedy, and evein siging in between, this show addresses themes ranging from the plight of refugees escaping war only to be further violatied by those who help they are seeking, to recism, sexism, and the prison industrial complex. 

Needed: four women, three men, two non-gender specific.  Flexible regarding ethinic specific roles.

For more information, please contact Performing Arts at x5979. 

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