USF Faculty Changing the World: Computer Science/Analytics

Thursday, October 10, 2013
11:45 AM - 12:30 PM
Lo Schiavo Science 103 - Computational Lab
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Tzagarakis-Foster, Christina

USF Faculty Changing the World: Computer Science/Analytics

“Invisible Threat: Malicious JavaScript Detection”

by Assistant Professor EJ Jung

We work, play, shop, communicate, and learn on the Internet. We store our private information such as credit card numbers on the web, and we depend on our gadgets for our daily lives. Attackers try to lure you to visit their websites either to steal your information or to abuse your gadget for their often criminal operations. This talk will present a few samples of such websites and research at USF that helps people prevent them.

“Text Analytics in the Wild”

by Assistant Professor Cynthia Thompson

Cindi Thompson teaches in both the Masters of Analytics and Computer Science programs. Social media and other forms of online information sharing have exploded in recent years, and businesses are finding that their reputation and bottom line can be affected by conversations in social media. Cindi will be speaking about using sentiment analysis, a form of text analytics, to help businesses react. As often happens, there are interesting research questions awaiting us when we apply text analytics "in the wild." Cindi’s research interests include machine learning for “Big Data” problems, especially those involving unstructured data such as human language.

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