Sudan Studies Conference

Saturday, May 24, 2014
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Fromm Hall Complex - Venue
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Bartlett, Anne Louise

33rd Annual Sudan Studies Association Conference
Sudan and South Sudan: Boundaries, Borders and the Challenges of Nationhood

Two years years after independence and eight years after signing a Comprehensive Peace Agreement, South Sudan has plunged back into war with devastating consequences for the civilian population. What started as a fight between major power brokers in the Government of South Sudan has increasingly been transformed into inter-ethnic fighting on the ground leading to massive movements of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees to neighboring Uganda and Kenya. It has also resulted in many thousands of casualties. The 33rd Sudan Studies Association meetings will be held at USF, May 23rd to 25th, bringing academics, policy makers, politicians together with the goal of addressing these issues. If you are interested in what is happening in Sudan and South Sudan, more details of the program can be found here:

All members of the campus community welcome!

Preliminary Schedule: May 24, 2014, Fromm Hall

09:00am – 10:30am
Panel One: South Sudan in Historical Perspective, Xavier Auditorium
Panel Two:  Identity and Belonging, Berman Room
Panel Three: Society, State and Territory in Darfur and Sinnar, Maraschi Room
Panel Four: State-Building and the Sudanese People, Maier Room

10:30am – 11:00am     Tea/Coffee Break

11:00am – 12:30pm     Panels
Panel One: Darfur: New Trajectories in a Deepening Crisis, Xavier Auditorium
Panel Two:  Sudan(s) in Diaspora: Imagining Home, Berman Room
Panel Three: Economic Dimensions of Bi-National/Regional Integration, Maraschi Room

12:30pm – 01:30pm     Lunch Break

01:30pm – 02:30pm     A Tribute to the Life of Jay O’Brien & Constance Berkley, Maier Room

02:30pm – 04:00pm     Panels
Panel One: New Gender Dynamics in the Sudan(s), Xavier Auditorium
Panel Two: Borders, Security and the Relationship between the Sudan(s), Berman Room
Panel Three: Peacemaking and Restorative Justice in Sudan and South Sudan, Maraschi Room

04:00pm – 04:30pm     Tea/Coffee Break

04:30pm – 06:00pm     Panels
Panel One:  Nuba Mountains: Land, Conflict and Displacement, Xavier Auditorium
Panel Two:  Language, Narrative and Community, Berman Room,
Panel Three: South Sudan: New Archaeological Discoveries in Ancient Meroe, Maier Room

04:30pm – 06:00pm     Thematic Conversation:
The “National Dialogue” and the Future of Sudan
, Maraschi Room

07:00pm – 09:00pm     Banquet, Handlery Room
Keynote Speaker, “A Life in Colors”

For more information, please contact Dr. Anne Bartlett, Sociology at


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