Best Practices in Monitoring Your Retirement Funds w/ Joe Crowley

Thursday, October 17, 2013
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
McLaren Conference Center 251 - Venue
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Events and Lectures
Centrella, Michele
Human Resources

Participants in the USF retirement plan have encountered dramatic down-and-up swings in the investment markets over the past five years. Amid performance fluctuations and concern about what is to come, you have faced a range of challenges toward saving enough for later life. Many have stayed the course, some have tried to “time” their decisions for the bull market, and others have shied away from stock-and-bond mutual funds due to anticipation of a painful correction.

Each of us is responsible for directing our own retirement contributions, but absolutely no one can foretell the future; so, what is the most sensible and safest way to proceed?

This workshop will clarify and explain an approach that will steer you toward an efficient balance of investments, regardless of your age or how many years of work remain ahead. Best of all, it will go a long way to removing the stress of performance anxiety. It is designed to help both new participants and those who have been in the plan for many years.

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